Financial Investigative Services


EGS Financial Investigative Services (FIS) offers a unique and proven suite of products, each customized to your specifications, designed to provide you with the valuable insight required to mitigate the hidden risks in today’s marketplace.

Due Diligence Background Investigations

Background Investigation options range from in-courthouse research of public records, such as criminal histories, bankruptcy petitions, civil litigation and judgment and lien filings, to more in-depth inquiries designed to identify instances of fraud, misrepresentation, undisclosed liabilities, regulatory violations or additional issues that could expose you to reputational or financial risk.

Asset & Liability Investigations

Asset & Liability Investigations employ a combination of in-courthouse research and direct internal inquiries focused on establishing information regarding financial solvency, current asset holdings, and current liabilities. A wide variety of options are available designed to assist you in making informed credit or recovery decisions, provide litigation support or determine the feasibility of litigation prior to incurring legal fees.

Title Research

Multiple service options are available to meet your real estate needs, including Ownership & Encumbrance/Current Owner Reports, Chain of Title Investigations, Environmental Lien Reports, Appraisals and BPOs. Our Title offerings are available nationwide and can be completed on either residential or commercial properties.

Commercial Credit Reporting

EGS provides numerous options for business credit reporting that allow you to evaluate the credit worthiness of potential commercial customers, assist in making decisions regarding credit line increases or decreases or conduct either periodic or ongoing screening to ensure the stability of your vendors and suppliers.

Pre-Employment Screening

EGS provides a complete suite of FCRA compliant pre-employment screening services to meet your human resource needs quickly and effectively. Options include criminal record checks, drug screening, motor vehicle records, credit checks and more, all available through our secure and user-friendly online portal.

International Capabilities

EGS has successfully conducted and managed thousands of investigations throughout the world on all continents, both in industrialized and developing countries.

Whether your needs call for the research of a hedge fund manager in Tokyo, the investigation of a potential business partner, client or acquisition target in Dubai or the screening of a prospective franchisee in Panama, we have the resources and expertise to meet your demands efficiently and effectively.


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